Otto Correct

This morning I was criticized again on the Inca Kola blog for re-posting an article by my friend Thom Calandra, a writer who has a history with the SEC.

I believe Thom is transparent and know some really impressive people who trust him, but Inca Kola does not, and I understand.

In 2003, Thom messed up…

I sent a note to Inca this morning to let him know that I had cancelled my subscription to his service, too.

I told him, “The public call out this morning was a bit much to be … paying you for.” And
“Sorry I’m not your flavour but understand and good luck.”

I accept his criticism and will consider it closely, and I will try not to take it personally.

I have to go now… I’m on the Tarmac headed to Toronto and the flight attendent is on my case.

Bye for now.

About Tommy Humphreys

Tommy Humphreys is a writer, consultant, investor and speaker focused on early stage mining, oil and gas, and technology companies. He founded the Pacific Website Co. in 2006 and CEO.CA in 2012.

  • Kevin

    Otto can rub you the wrong way, but in this case he is right. Calandra represents all that is wrong about the junior market place. Once a scum bag, always a scum bag. Why pay him for the chance to front run you. Appreciate your blog and interviews with the likes of Frank Giustra. But Thom is bad news.