“The lies are screaming to the heavens.”

Dan Gertler Earns Billions as Mine Deals Leave Congo Poorest Nation. Bloomberg

Gertler Mining

Dan Gertler by Simon Dawson, Bloomberg

“With commodity-supply constraints easing, Chinese growth slowing and producer-company returns normalizing,” it is tempting to say the super-cycle is over, Currie wrote. “Current developments are simply the next phase of a commodity-investment cycle that began in the late 1990s. We therefore view the current transition as a renaissance, rather than an end.” Morgan Stanley Backs Gold, Corn, Beans as Best Picks in 2013. Bloomberg

“At all levels of the social structure, starting with households and followed by unions and governments, the U.S. will be swept up in a sprint to frugality now that the Baby Boom has run out of time to speculate.” David Rosenberg On “Shared Sacrifice.” ZeroHedge

One step at a time. Interview with Norm Keevil, Chairman of Teck. National Post

An affront to Napoleon Hill. What you believe is irrelevant. Pando Daily

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