"Andrew Carnegie" by Nathaniel Gold

"Andrew Carnegie" by Nathaniel Gold

Life is unfair. The Gospel of Wealth Fails the Inequity Test in Primates. Scientific American

Shots fired… Taibbi vs. Carney. “What the banking system really needs is a guy who will step in and force bankers to go back to being boring, risk-averse drips who lend businesses money to buy new equipment or fleets of trucks or whatever. What we have instead are coked-up wannabe big shots straight out of Boiler Room who are washing Mexican drug money and laundering Middle Eastern cash and playing around with wild price-fixing schemes – pretty much everything you can think of that isn’t quietly counting beans and helping grow the economy.” Another Goldman Creature Given Vital Government Post. Rolling Stone

Bryan Saunders: portrait of the artist on crystal meth. Guardian

Brunello vandalism. Who pulled the plug? Economist

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