Made A Stupid Mistake? Own it.

Many people who make mistakes tend to skulk away in embarrassment and hide forever.

But we all make mistakes, and this is precisely the wrong thing to do.

That skulking could mean that others will forever judge you as weak.

Is the smarter strategy not to show up immediately after your gaffe, own it, and set a sincere, positive tone for the future?

Duck Water

Let it roll off you like water off a duck's back.

I have a pal who once drank until he threw up in front of 50 CEOs at our local golf club’s men’s night.


While many of us would have fled the club forever out of embarrassment, my friend showed up the next day.

He took off his hat, smiled sheepishly, and said “sorry” to the staff and the membership. He immediately regained his former position among them.

In fact they liked him more than ever.

Willingness to face embarrassment can be an endearing quality in a person and can set the tone for better days ahead.

Especially if you pull it off with panache like my friend did.

Like water off a duck’s back.