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Quinton with the beautiful Daniela

Quinton with Daniela Cambone in Denver. Photo: Kitco

This afternoon’s conversation with Quinton arose after an email exchange with 321Gold’s Bob Moriarty yesterday. Bob said that the theory of Peak Gold might be bogus if Quinton’s Novo Resources has their way. Novo is chasing a lead in Australia currently that could be the next Witwatersrand, South Africa’s mother lode and the world’s richest gold field.

“The parallels are somewhat spooky in how close these two systems are. It’s speculated that [the Witwatersrand and Novo’s ground] once formed a contiguous land mass…. It’s indeed the broken half of South Africa.”

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Novo’s properties. Click to enlarge

Novo has quickly come up with a resource of over 400,000 ounces of gold, but it’s just the beginning of something that could prove to be much much larger, Quinton tells me, with less than 1 square kilometer of his 1800 kmproject having been explored to date. “The project is something akin to a coal seam, and these rocks could project outwards… My queasy gizzard is feeling better about suggesting this could underlie tens of square kilometers… It sounds absurd but this could be the beginnings of a major gold discovery.”

In the 22 minute conversation Quinton provides an overview of the company and its potential, and also an insight into the famous prospector Mark Creasy, whom Novo optioned the property from (12:30). Creasy is a legendary mining character who, while working on his own, built an empire and personal fortune by coming up with ideas, staking ground, and optioning projects to other companies. Quinton also outlines the typical Mark Creasy deal (16:00).

We also asked Quinton to name a few resource companies that deserve more attention from today’s market (20:36). He hesitated, but offered Roxgold, Dalradian, and Pretium Resources as suggestions of companies he’s interested in. Investors who really want to know what Quinton’s thinking should subscribe to Exploration Insights ($140 per month here).

Without further ado, here is our full conversation with Quinton. If you find it interesting or valuable feel free to hit the share buttons above or below.

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