A screenshot of Stockhouse’s new look, Canada’s #1 financial web site, has launched a redesign this weekend, the site’s first refresh in several years. The new look features more emphasis on editorial content. The bullboards pages, which are the most popular chat forums for Canadian stocks, also feature a new look. This appears to be a sensible and balanced redesign. Take a look.

On the same topic, BusinessInsider, the popular New York based blog, also has a new look as of late, and it’s really good.

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  • Donnie Chisholm

    You must be a shill for Stockhouse.
    The “Upgrade” is the worst ever. Nothing works. You cannot find anything. Clicking a link is like going down the rabbit hole. You never know where you are going to end up. They are coding it on the fly. Pure amateurism. It is unsortable. It is unsearchable. It is unusable. Posts are down 80%. Most of the posters left are complaining about your redesign. People are leaving in droves. It’s the “New Coke”. Without a roll back the site will be dead before the end of the week. Just when I think I’ve seen stupid, I’m surprised again.