CEO.CA is building the leading knowledge sharing platform for global speculators with tens of thousands of active monthly users sharing real-time financial context and feedback with each other. CEO.CA streams are already viewed by an audience of over 1 million across the financial web and social media platforms.

Founded as a blog about Canada’s venture markets in 2012, CEO.CA has evolved into a platform for global speculators to connect and share ideas. Today people from around the world discover CEO.CA through word of mouth, social media and distribution in several other financial publications. In addition to developing technology and communications tools for speculators, CEO.CA also produces original documentaries and interviews with global business leaders, especially in the mining sector.


Founder and CEO Tommy Humphreys is an investment industry web developer and writer. In addition to building award winning websites, Tommy has authored thousands of articles about technology, marketing, venture capital and exploration for the likes of Globe and Mail, Financial Post, and of course, CEO.CA. He has hosted numerous global investment conferences. Tommy is CEO.CA’s driving force and primary visionary/backer.

Technical Advisor Murat Ayfer is an experienced web engineer and senior instructor at Lighthouse Labs, Canada’s leading web development academy. Mr. Ayfer has previously developed web and mobile applications for Invoke Media (creators of Hootsuite), A Thinking Ape, Foodee, Quietly and a number of other startups. He has the design and engineering leadership to develop CEO.CA’s Vancouver-based product team.

There are many talented editorial, technology and design contributors to CEO.CA, including Travis McPherson, James Fraser, Shannon Nelson (Tommy’s mom), Andrew Nelson (no relation), CEO Technician (prefers to stay incognito), Scott Armstrong, Chris Reid, Maggie Moss, Shelley Chen, Ann Lee and Rachel Ng to name a few. CEO.CA wouldn’t be possible without their contributions.

Work with us

CEO.CA’s Business group provides direct-response digital-marketing solutions, promoting select products and services, conferences, job opportunities, executive appointments, and more to an influential global network of speculators. The Business group prides itself on exceeding client expectations for value, while the CEO.CA audience provides invaluable feedback and acceleration to partner companies.

For more information please contact:

Tommy Humphreys, President

3023-595 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC

604.607.4835 (SMS or email preferred)
tommy at ceo dot ca