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Tommy and Trav

Kind words:

“Amazing interviews. I share them with everyone.” Nolan Watson, CEO, Sandstorm Gold

“This may be the best interview I’ve ever done. At least short of the one with Phil Donohoe in 1980.” Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research

“Very cool site. Keep it up.” Vijay Parmar, President, RBC PH&N Investment Council

“Tommy is a great networker and has a great eye for talent. He works hard and plays hard, my favorite combination.” Howard Lindzon, Founder and CEO, Stocktwits

“BCs most connected young executive.” Brent Holliday, Head of Technology Practice, Capital West Partners

“Tommy is intelligent and going places. Good luck with the new site.” Brent Cook, Geologist and Editor, Exploration Insights

“Tommy, you are full of, as they used to say, piss and vinegar. You have great ideas and you undertake them with enthusiasm.” Joe Martin, Chairman, Cambridge House International.

“What is truly astonishing, especially for someone of his youth, is Tommy’s confidence and depth of understanding about the personal relationship nature of business. As has been pointed out, he approaches every connection as a personal one and lets his real interest in them shine. He is of course very strategic and tactical, but not in a cold, calculated, business-only way. Rather, he actually cares about the people with whom he becomes involved, from his own employees, to clients, and even mere acquaintances. He’s an old soul. Knowing him is a continuing revelation. He has shown me that us old dogs can learn a few new tricks.” Tony Wanless, Columnist, Financial Post

“Watch this guy.” Frank Giustra, Fiore Financial

  • Jay Dee

    This is an awesome site!! I love the lessons that can be learned here as a young entrepreneur and investor. It is certainly a magnificent way to get the invaluable insights from the ones that we should be emulating and learning from when otherwise we would never get the opportunity. The questions posed are the ones I’d ask the businessmen that I look up to. Please keep them coming!