Life In Perspective: J. Paul Getty

“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth—But Not Its Mineral Rights.” -J. Paul Getty

Lived From 1892-1976
Billionaire Industrialist, Oil Magnate
Founder of Getty Oil

Memorable Quotes:

“If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.”

“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

“There are one hundred men seeking security to one able man who is willing to risk his fortune.”

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“The US is More Dependent on Foreign Uranium Than Foreign Oil” – Amir Adnani Interview – Video

Uranium Energy Corp CEO Amir Adnani

Recently we sat down with Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp. ($UEC), an American uranium mining company, for a conversation on the nuclear industry eighteen months after the catastrophe at Fukushima which devastated both Japan and most uranium miners’ share prices.

One of the most critical issues we discussed in our interview was the severity of the US uranium supply and demand deficit. According to Adnani, “The US is consuming 55 million pounds of uranium per annum…to generate 20% of US electricity…[but] domestic production of uranium is only 4 million pounds per year…The US is more dependent on foreign uranium than it is on foreign oil.”

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Greg Weldon’s Macro Market Update Audio. Weldon Financial

Greg’s update focuses solely on Gold and Silver, with perspective on … … Gold’s med-term technical breakout … Gold’s longer-term technical position … the decline in the US Dollar Index … Gold ‘priced-in’ Eurocurrency … Gold ‘priced-in’ Yen … the new RECORD HIGH in Gold ‘priced-in’ Brazilian Real … the breakout in the CRB Index … the Gold Bug Index versus the S+P 500 Index … American Barrick, Goldcorp, Freeport McMoran, and Yamana Gold … the Junior Miner ETF, and more. Readers can get the FULL report by signing up for a free trial here. 

Canaccord Financial CEO Paul Reynolds keeps buying his own shares – Over $210,000 worth yesterday alone. Canadian Insider 

Canaccord CEO


Mr. Reynolds is buying the common shares, which are the pure play with the most upside for those with the stomach and patience. Lower risk investors may want to look further up the capital structure and research the pref’s now below $20.00 –

China injects more liquidityMacroBusiness

In Vietnam, Growing Fears of an Economic MeltdownNew York Times

The Economics of Tin & The Dangers of It’s Illegal Mining. Business Week

Qatar Holding, increases Xstrata stake to 12 percent from 11.95 percent, as it opposes the $30 billion Xstrata takeover by Glencore. Dealbook. Qatar Holding is investing significant sums in resources, and in 2011 initiated a $10B buying spree in gold producers.

Republicans Put Return To Gold Standard On Table.

Australian Electrician-Turned-Mining Magnate Nathan Tinkler Walks Away From $5.5 Billion Whitehaven Coal Bid, Unable To Line Up Enough Funds. Reuters

South African Mining Tensions Ease, As Amplats Says 100 Workers Return to S.A. Mine. Reuters

European Equity Fund Permira Buying Japan Sushi Restaurant Chain in $1 Billion Deal. Reuters. 

Greece: Selling Assets Among the Ruins. Business Week.

Energy Heavyweights Engineering A Turnaround?

Reformed Calgary/Bogotá-Based Oil & Gas Junior Hits 65 Feet of Colombian Pay And The Market Responds
Featuring commentary from Frank Giustra, Jeff Boyce and Ralph Gillcrist, three key stakeholders in the company, Petroamerica Oil Corp.

Frank Giustra

F. Giustra by J. Cruz

Caution: See PTA’s Foward Looking Statements.
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It’s been a tough ride for Petroamerica Oil Corp. (PTA) shareholders, a favorite of well known resource and entertainment mogul Frank Giustra, architect of multiple billion-dollar resource companies. In the three years since PTA debuted on the TSX-Venture Exchange, it’s share price has fallen from highs of more than $.70 cents to lows of just $.08 cents last year, and has traded between $.10- to $.20 cents over the past 8 months. In fairness however, the Venture Exchange has fallen nearly 50% over the last 20 months, but the initial PTA management team disappointed market expectations.

However, on Thursday, August 16th, the company issued a press release (see our Thursday public alert here), which caused a few things to happen. First, the stock price took off 30% to the upside with volume increasing more than 10 fold, secondly, our eyebrows were raised—further inspiring us to investigate the company going into the weekend.

After a few personal conversations with Frank Giustra, Jeff Boyce (co-founder and initial CEO of what is now the $4.5B+ Vermillion Energy Inc. (TSX-VET), and PTA Executive Vice President Ralph Gillcrist, a PhD from the London Royal School of Mines and veteran explorer, here is what we discovered.

Hitting Pay

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