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POSTED ON September 18, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Hey, Toronto, and anyone who will be in the GTA next week. For 20 years, Cambridge House International has hosted Canada’s finest investment conferences. Next week, CEOs, financiers and investors will gather for two days of networking and idea sharing. Details: Canadian Investor Conference Toronto 2014 Thursday – Friday, September 25-26, 2014 Sheraton Centre Hotel… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 12, 2014 BY Thom Calandra

​ BEAVER CREEK, Colorado — The stream from Colorado​’s metals summit is flowing​.​ Oh, and the snow just starting to sprinkle the peaks here at 8,000 feet to 11,000 feet.​ There are many asset managers in the crowd, some with hedge funds and others like Robert Cohen of Dynamic Funds in charge of hundreds of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 10, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

The fall financial conference season is kicking off today at the Vail Precious Metals Summit (more information, webcasts). The junior gold mining event has a classy group of companies exhibiting, not to mention tremendous investor spillover from the big show that follows in Denver a few days later. The Denver Gold Forum hosts the world’s… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 14, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Entrepreneur Frank Giustra has helped raise over $3 billion for early stage mining and energy companies, and also founded Lionsgate Films, the world’s leading independent film studio. Today Giustra provided some exceptional entrepreneurial advice in a interview. When asked his investment regrets, Giustra said basically all of the companies he created sucked at the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 11, 2014 BY Jamie Keech

Recently CEO analyst Travis McPherson and I had the opportunity to attend the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium at the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The conference gave us the opportunity to hear from and rub shoulders with some of the best names in mining. From Robert Friedland’s keynote address, to Ross Beaty’s keen insights and Rick… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 04, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

The last word at Brent Cook’s exploration panel at the Sprott conference last week belonged to geologist Miles Thompson, currently chairman of Resevoir Minerals, developing one of the world’s richest undeveloped copper deposits in Serbia, and is CEO of Lara Exploration, which explores for minerals in Brazil and Peru. Mr. Thompson is someone highly respected by Mr. Cook,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 04, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

In Part II of Brent Cook’s Exploration Panel at the recent Sprott Conference in Vancouver, geologist Dr. Tim Coughlin says investors are getting ripped off by companies who delay metallurgical tests. Metallurgy is key. I’m not referring to Amulsar, because the metallurgy there is fantastic. With another discovery I was involved with while I was with… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 04, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Well respected economic geologist and newsletter writer Brent Cook, held an awesome panel at the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resources Symposium last week, which was the best conference we’ve been to so far this year. Cook’s panel guests were Tim Coughlin, President of Tigris, who previously discovered the Amulsar gold deposit in Armenia for Lydian, and is… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 26, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Rick Rule’s conference in Vancouver this past week was just what the junior mining sector needed. Independent individual investors from nearly every corner of the globe met face to face with and heard from an extremely high quality group of executives from companies that have survived and thrived despite the past three year’s resource bear market.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 24, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

With our apologies for the light postings this week, we are at the Sprott Natural Resources Symposium at the Hotel Vancouver, where a terrific event is underway (Schedule, Registration). The quality of companies exhibiting is higher than any other retail junior mining conference we have attended, and the same can be said for attendees. The event,… Continue Reading