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POSTED ON October 08, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Students often study one subject at university, but end up shifting gears and graduating in a different field. It’s how Copper North president and CEO Harlan Meade accidentally discovered mineral exploration while studying chemistry. In Meade’s case, the twist of fate involved a summer job accident that left the young man with a fractured wrist,… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 03, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and A great deal transpired across markets last week and after sifting through a few dozen charts this morning it’s clear that a major transition may be underway. My friend J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts) has been bullish on the USD/CAD currency pair for at least a year so when he came out with… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 24, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Gold is ripping higher this morning amid heightened fears of global deflationary pressures and a slew of central bank rate cuts (Norway, Taiwan, etc.):   This morning’s move higher is highly significant because price decisively broke above last week’s resistance level ($1141) and buyers have not showed any signs of lack… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 18, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Gold finished the week strong with a nearly $40 rally between Wednesday morning and Friday’s close on the back of the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates on hold. The CFTC Commitments of Traders Report helps to explain the sharp reversal in gold after weeks of gold prices dribbling lower:… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 17, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and The Federal Reserve did not hike interest rates today – here are 5 key takeaways from the announcement: The following excerpt from the first paragraph of the Fed statement is a clear signal that China is very much on the Fed’s radar and likely played a significant factor in the decision… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 16, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and The yield on the 30-year Treasury Bond has rallied more than 35 basis points since late-August:   However, there is good reason to believe there isn’t much risk of more upside in bond yields regardless of what the Federal Reserve announces tomorrow: “Long [duration] bonds want the Fed to tighten. The… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 14, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and If we could only look at one chart it would have to be the following one: US Dollar Index (Weekly)   After peaking in March the US Dollar Index has spent the last 6 months consolidating between roughly 93 on the downside and 98 on the upside. A decisive resolution of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 05, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Two charts that excellently illustrate the commodities bear market which has accelerated to record depths during the last few years:   Love them or hate them, precious metals exchange-traded products (ETFs, ETNs, etc.) soared to record levels in late 2012 following the ECB and Federal Reserve’s plunge into open-ended quantitative easing. More than… Continue Reading

POSTED ON September 01, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Our final site visit in this whirlwind tour of the Yukon was to the most advanced and fully permitted development stage project in the Territory, Victoria Gold’s (TSX.V : VIT) Eagle Project, which is well supported by both Government and First Nations. The Eagle project has completed a Feasibility Study and finalized an Environmental Assessment.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 31, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

We are nearing the end of the Yukon site visits, but still have two more interesting projects to discuss. To catch up on last week’s site visits see here: ATC, AXR, WG, KAM, RK. The Yukon Media Tour has been all about mining, but the real focus has been on the de-risked development stage projects… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 28, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Half way through our Yukon tour, the media group was greeted by another blue-bird day in Dawson City. Things had been progressing smoothly to this point, but Mother Nature stepped in with some foggy weather and we couldn’t fly in to visit Rockhaven Resources’ (TSX-V: RK) 100% owned Klaza Project. Even the best organizers, which… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 28, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and “At a market bottom, falling prices eventually force out large numbers of traders, resulting in volatility and increased volume.” ~ Cory Mitchell (Investopedia) This quote on market bottoms perfectly sums up the gold miners (GDX) during the last couple of years: With each successive price decline both volume and volatility have made… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 27, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and One of the most successful investors in history, Carl Icahn, has taken a roughly 8.5% stake in copper/gold mining giant Freeport-McMoran (FCX). Shares of FCX have been battered in recent months, dropping nearly 70% since early May: Icahn is most well known for his timely investments in fallen angels. Most notably… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 24, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

The official Yukon Mining Tour kicked off (read part 1 from Friday here) with a 6:30 AM checkout in Whitehorse. We made our way to the Alkan Air Hangar which services northern Canada and Alaska, based out of Whitehorse. The group boarded a 15 person fixed wing airplane to make the 1.5 hour journey to ATAC… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 20, 2015 BY Andrew Nelson

Few majors and juniors are willing to deploy exploration capital in this market but even less are prepared to prospect on virgin ground. One junior Company with a mandate to pursue grassroots exploration is Westhaven Ventures ( Westhaven (TSX.V – WHN) is the vehicle legendary prospector Grenville Thomas and his team are using to define… Continue Reading

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