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POSTED ON February 23, 2015 BY James Altucher

I have never met a person who suddenly became happy simply by “finding their passion”. If my passion had come crawling across my bed during any of my lowest 50 moments in life and started nibbling on my ear I would’ve just pushed it away. Usually I wanted money or sex and I felt passion… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 05, 2015 BY James Altucher

“You interrupt too much,” people email me. “Let your guests finish talking.” But I can’t help it. I get curious. I want to know! Now! Over the past year I interviewed about 80 guests for my podcast. My only criteria: I was fascinated by some aspect of each person. I didn’t limit myself by saying… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 02, 2014 BY James Altucher

I was fired. I asked for one more week to finish what I was working on but my boss said, “No. Clear out of here in the next hour.” I don’t know why I was fired. Other people weren’t. But I think my boss didn’t like me. So I got depressed. I was going to… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 20, 2014 BY James Altucher

Robbie Abed wanted to have coffee with me in 2011. Then in 2012 and 2013 and this year. I kept saying No. Robbie told me he has 250 coffee meetings a year. So in one way of thinking about it, I’m one in 250. And over a period of four years, I’m one in a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 11, 2014 BY James Altucher

I lost $15mm cash in one summer. It was about a million a week and then it picked up speed. Ugh, I’m like reading the newspaper twice. I know I’ve written about this before. But bear with me. I bought a house. I invested in bad companies. I started worse companies. I bought art. I… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 06, 2014 BY James Altucher

When I met with Bernie Madoff to see if he would put money into my hedge fund I had no idea he had a scheme. Everyone said later, “We always knew”. But on the way to the meeting, those same people were calling me and saying, “ask him if we could invest.” They would deny… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 23, 2014 BY James Altucher

Yoshiro Nakamatso would suffocate himself underwater in order to come up with ideas. He invented the floppy disk when he was within 1/2 second of his death, about to drown. He has 4000 patents. He also has photographed every meal he’s ever taken for the past 34 years. He claims he’s the most prolific inventor… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 21, 2014 BY James Altucher

Claudia is a little upset at me. She doesn’t like when I give out my phone number. “You’re going to get too many calls,” she said. Ok, but I want people to text me with questions for our “Ask Altucher” podcasts. But sometimes I pick up the call. Last night I got a call from… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 20, 2014 BY James Altucher

My daughter is reading my favorite book. “I’m on page 112,” she says, “of The Choose Yourself Stories”. This is my collection of more personal stories about my life. I never marketed it. Just put it out there. But she found it. Now she has a lot of questions like, “Why did you always want… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 13, 2014 BY James Altucher

90% of the feedback I got about “Choose Yourself” was about one thing: How to bridge harsh reality with the world of imagination: how to become an Idea Machine. For my whole life I felt like a stray dog, dashing around until I could survive in the jungle. But I was lost and it took… Continue Reading

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