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POSTED ON July 22, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

I am very excited to announce something that I’ve been working on behind the scenes over the past couple of months, in fact I’ve been working for several years on it. Back in 2009 I met Joe Martin, founder of Cambridge House International, the junior mining conference company, and he very generously started bringing me… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 22, 2014 BY CEO Technician

Copper is testing important support/resistance near the $3.20 level: Click to enlarge And there is ample reason to believe that this could be an attractive long entry point as we move deeper into the back half of the year:  With commercial inventory at a 2-year low and declining amid a strong pick up in demand, the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 17, 2014 BY CEO Technician

Gold has continued its trend of inflicting maximum pain upon market participants who attempt to jump aboard seemingly nascent trends in the precious metal. Just as gold futures speculators reached their largest net long position in more than a year, gold suffered a false breakout above resistance near $1330: Click to enlarge Source: False… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 15, 2014 BY Dave Forest

Sentiment in the thermal coal market is nearly as poor as it gets right now. The mood has been further dampened this week by price cutting from Chinese coal producers. With sellers slashing prices in an attempt to clear out inventory. That’s led to an almost complete loss of appetite for imports into China. With… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 14, 2014 BY CEO Technician

Some market related observations: One of the key drivers of the recent bull run in equities has been corporate stock buybacks. Buybacks have drastically slowed in recent months…. Gold is back to a crucial area of support ($1300-$1307) after suffering a false breakout last week Portugal’s 2nd largest bank, Espirito Santa, is just the cusp of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 11, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

A new uranium exploration junior is about to start trading, and the CEO has a lot of experience with exploration promotions. The company is Westham Resources Corp, about to be renamed Roughrider Exploration Limited, which has an option to earn up to an 85% interest in in Kivalliq’s “Genesis” uranium project in Saskatchewan’s Athacasca Basin, not far… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 10, 2014 BY CEO Technician

After consolidating between $1310 and $1330 for the past three weeks gold has posted an impressive upside breakout this morning: Click to enlarge August Gold Futures (4-hour) August Gold Futures (15-minute) The big nut to crack still lies in the $1400 area, which represents the neckline of the large inverse head & shoulders bottom:  … Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 09, 2014 BY Dave Forest

Two potentially big stories for gold are unfolding right now. In disparate parts of the globe. First in terms of gold supply. In the world’s fifth-largest bullion producer: Peru. Reports late last week from the Peruvian government show another notable decline in monthly gold output. With production for May falling 24.6% compared to the year-ago… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 08, 2014 BY Dave Forest

Or at least, so it appears. Potentially bringing to a close one of the most dramatic sagas recently in global resource markets. The company is Freeport-McMoRan. And the problems are in Indonesia–where the firm has been fighting a government ban on the export of copper concentrate. Indonesian officials had officially outlawed shipments of non-unpgraded copper… Continue Reading

POSTED ON July 07, 2014 BY Andrew Pollard

It’s a typical morning, no different than any other. You wake up, drive to the office and look to slowly ease yourself into your day with a cup of coffee. You begin to work your way through the zillions of emails that have amassed overnight when you are summoned into the corner office. You walk… Continue Reading