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POSTED ON January 27, 2016 BY Kip Keen

The latest estimate of Ivanhoe’s Kipushi Big Zinc zone will not stun the market. It was already well-known that the deposit, part of the past-producing Kipushi mine, contained masses of ridiculously high-grade zinc. But in upgrading historic resources Ivanhoe, which owns 68% of the project, clearly shows that the Big Zinc zone is a quite… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 26, 2016 BY Kip Keen

Error: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the grade of silver as 659 g/t. It should have read 359 g/t. An interesting hit: Yesterday Orex Minerals (REX-V) said it intercepted 61 metres @ 359 g/t Ag, essentially starting from surface, and up to 3 metres at 2,271 g/t Ag on the Sandra Escobar… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 26, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Mountain Province Diamonds (MPV-T) CEO Patrick Evans opened his breakfast talk at Roundup Monday morning with a macro look at global diamond supply and demand, through the lens of Canadian production. Evans painted a somewhat dire picture, saying that Canada’s No. 3 position as a diamond producer is threatened because of “paltry” dollars being spent… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 26, 2016 BY Ari Allyn-Feuer

The current environment of cheap gasoline, even if it persists for some years, will not fully derail – and may not even slow down – the trend toward automotive electrification. I know this is counterintuitive, but I believe it’s defensible. Consider: with gasoline at US$1.50 per gallon, and electricity at $.11 per kilowatt-hour, a gasoline… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 25, 2016 BY Kip Keen

The core shack at Roundup is where you find serious teams who are still funding exploration projects in a harsh market. It’s also one of the better places to talk shop on existing or emerging discoveries. Today, a few stories catch our eyes. Skeena Resources (SKE-V) This is a Ronald Netolitzky outfit exploring the Golden… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 25, 2016 BY Tommy Humphreys

Source: CanAlaska Uranium (CVV) In Canada’s Athabasca Basin, home to the world’s highest-grade uranium mines, leading developers NexGen Energy, Fission Uranium and Denison Mines are duking it out for the top market-cap spot. Meanwhile, tiny prospect generator CanAlaska Uranium (CVV-V) keeps making moves of its own. This morning, CanAlaska announced that Denison plans to poke a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 25, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Robert Friedland was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame earlier this month, and this morning`s news out of Ivanhoe Mines (IVN) offered another demonstration why he belongs there. Ivanhoe announced a major new copper discovery, Kakula, about 5 kilometres west of its existing Kamoa resource in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kamoa is… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 22, 2016 BY Tommy Humphreys

There’s a high-value junior mining investment conference in Vancouver tomorrow (Saturday). Four independent newsletter writers — Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights, Eric Coffin of Hard Rock Advisors and Gwen Preston of Resource Maven — and a dozen of their top picks are hosting the Metals Investor Forum (MIF) at the Pan Pacific Hotel.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 22, 2016 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and A large institutional trader decided today was a good time to put on a large and slightly complex options trade in the XLE (Energy Select Sector ETF ). This options trade which is called a risk reversal involved buying 30,000 June $61.50 strike XLE call options for a debit of roughly… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 22, 2016 BY James Altucher

I needed to figure out how to change my entire life. Because the current one was going badly. It was 2002. A lot of people had it bad. But sadly I didn’t care about them. I was really depressed. My entire career at that point had added up to zero. There were some successes. But… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 22, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Deep below the surface of Mongolia’s southern Gobi desert, men and machinery are laying the foundation for a mining enterprise that will drive the country’s economy for decades to come. Shaft 2 at Oyu Tolgoi’s underground mine expansion is 1.3 kilometres deep and will provide access to some of the largest stores of copper and… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 21, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Several Athabasca Basin uranium plays announced their winter exploration plans this morning, including Fission Uranium, CanAlaska Uranium, Purepoint Uranium and ALX Uranium Corp. For CanAlaska’s (CVV-V) plans, check out Tommy’s article. It’s an interesting time in the Basin, with leading explorers Fission Uranium and NexGen Energy very active on the financing and resource fronts. Fission… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 21, 2016 BY CEOEditor

The ranks of the independent brokerage companies are being reduced again with the news that Euro Pacific Canada has acquired Dundee Goodman Private Wealth from Dundee Securities. Upon completion of this transaction, 78 investment advisers and related support teams will move from Dundee to Euro Pacific. In all about $3.5 billion of investible client assets… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 21, 2016 BY Tommy Humphreys

CanAlaska Uranium (CVV-V) has been exploring in the Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, the world’s richest uranium-producing region, since 2004. In that time it has seen over $85 million spent on its projects, mostly by joint venture partners including Mitsubishi, Korean Uranium Consortium JV, Denison Mines and others. While an economic discovery has so far been… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 21, 2016 BY Riley Skinner

Prior to the Ivanplats IPO in 2012, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg had both published articles speculating on an offering value of up to a billion dollars (the IPO was eventually completed as a $300-million offering). The company was founded by Robert Friedland, one of the best known mining developers, and had assembled three… Continue Reading

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