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POSTED ON January 20, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Morgan Stanley is out with some interesting research this morning highlighting the strong positive correlation between copper and oil prices: Aside from the fact that both commodities are greatly affected by global economic growth there is another important factor as to why the oil price can end up having a large… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 14, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Copper futures dropped as low as $2.42 yesterday evening before rebounding roughly 5%: One of the world’s largest copper producers, Freeport McMoran (FCX), has been hit especially hard (-11%) this morning after copper’s overnight tumble: A slide from a recent FCX investor presentation is particularly telling: Just 2 months they were… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 12, 2014 BY CEO Technician

The massive decline in the price of crude oil turns out to be a significant net positive for multinational miners. Not only are the lower oil costs are a huge positive on the costs side, but the resulting currency moves (big drops in AUD/USD and CAD/USD) also turn out to benefit miners whose revenue comes… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 10, 2014 BY CEO Technician

From Stock Trader’s Almanac: “Copper has a tendency to make a major seasonal bottom in December and then a tendency to post major seasonal peaks in April or May.” This is one of the strongest seasonal patterns in any market and it’s all the more interesting this year given that copper made a low of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 01, 2014 BY CEO Technician

If the Sunday night futures market was to be given a movie title it would have been dubbed the “Commodity Catastrophe”; we saw WTI crude futures fall below $64/barrel, silver traded with a 14 handle ($14.43 low), and copper fell into the $2.70s. Thus far this morning we are witnessing a bevy of “V-bottoms” across… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 28, 2014 BY CEO Technician

1. The yield curve has significantly flattened during 2014 with the spread between 2-year Treasury Notes and 10-year Notes falling from 264 basis points in January to 169 basis points today: Falling yields at the long end (10-year and 30-year) and rising yields at the short end (2-year and 5-year notes) are undeniable signs of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 24, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

Mining legend Robert Friedland and his protege Matthew Hornor’s Kaizen Discovery (KZD:TSXV) continues to be one of the few extremely active junior resource companies. This morning Kaizen announced the sale of a non-core project and the preliminary exploration results from their newly acquired Coppermine project in Nunavut, Canada. The results, although early-stage, are very promising. In rock chip… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 18, 2014 BY CEO Technician

From Reuters: “Copper prices dipped on Tuesday, as disappointing property sector data from China raised concerns about the outlook for demand from the world’s top metals consumer.” Copper has been oscillating near the $3 mark for well over a month now and speculators (both large & small) have continued to pile on bearish bets: This… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 12, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

Matthew Hornor’s Kaizen Discovery (KZD.TSXV) announced its latest acquisition this morning: Tundra Copper, a private copper explorer with assets in Canada’s tundra.  Kaizen made an all stock offer to acquire Tundra and their Coppermine River project, valuing the early-stage explorer at approximately $2.5 million. In the release, Kaizen also announced that they staked 3,320 square kilometres of land and applied… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 03, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

The Sunday Times of London reported overnight that Mick Davis’ X2 Resources has made a bid for some of Anglo American’s Chilean copper mines, their Brazilian nickel assets, and some of their coal operations.  If successful, this would represent Davis’ first acquisition since he left as head of Xstrata after the merger with Glencore in 2013, and could… Continue Reading

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