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Noteworthy    Paul H. Stephens Acquires Additional Interest in Orosur Mining  Marketwired, March 26, 2015 11:57 AM  See More
POSTED ON March 26, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Howard Marks, the legendary founder of Oaktree Capital Management, is out with his latest quarterly memo and it is titled “Liquidity”. Marks offers us a treatise on liquidity in capital markets as he delves into the illusion of liquidity that many investors assign to mutual funds and ETFs. He also reviews the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 21, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and In the last two weeks gold futures speculators have liquidated a total of 66,897 gold futures contracts which equates to a notional amount of nearly $8 billion: To put this recent gold liquidation into perspective it is the largest 2-week liquidation in gold futures since the April 2013 gold crash: The… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 18, 2015 BY James Fraser

Gold prices ended the day up 2.14% to $1172 after the Fed statement was released and a press conference was held with Fed chair Janet Yellen. The bottom line for investors is that the Fed is close to raising interest rates but remains cautious with no specific date yet and lower forecasts for year end.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 15, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and The gold miners as represented by the GDX have been pushed  to the breaking point with yet another ‘bear flag’ forming just a few percent above crucial long-term support:   To put the situation into perspective, GDX is barely more than 10% above the 2008 panic lows despite the fact that… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 13, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and The CFTC Commitments of Traders gold report for Tuesday March 10, 2015 is a curious one to say the least. While we saw a roughly $4 billion liquidation of net long exposure by large speculators (to the smallest net long position since last November), small speculators actually INCREASED long positions and barely… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 09, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Daily Commodity Chart Wrap 3/9/2015 via Energy and Copper Marginal Cost Percentiles The 90th percentile cost of producing copper is currently roughly $2.25/lb, it’s interesting that this level also coincides with the 200-month moving average (the same moving average where copper found support at the 2008-2009 lows). A powerful chart of gold net producer… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 06, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Since gold topped out near $1307 in late-January the yellow metal has followed a standard script in its descent; violent $10-$20 down moves that occur in a matter of seconds or minutes followed by much lengthier sideways or slightly rising consolidations. The action of the last 2 weeks has been no different and this morning… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 05, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and   Daily Commodity Chart Wrap 3/5/2015: A couple of crude oil charts that demonstrate U.S. production and supply are showing no signs of let up despite a major drop off in rig counts:     We are currently at record levels of US crude oil supply:       Meanwhile, the “golden… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 04, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Encouraging comments from Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy Tomas Gonzalez this morning at PDAC sent Continental Gold (CNL.TO) shares soaring 10% before pulling back late in the trading session. Gonzalez stated that Buriticá’s environmental permit could come in May, a couple of months ahead of CNL’s timeline guidance. While government officials tend to… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 04, 2015 BY CEO Technician

Via Energy and Realized volatility in gold has dropped by 50% in the last month and is at the lowest levels since last October (just before gold fell nearly $100/oz):  GLD rolling 7-day average true range (ATR) at bottom has fallen 50% in just the last month! The recent range defined by $1190 on… Continue Reading

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