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Noteworthy    Gambling on One Last Drill Hole Won Sirius a $1.4 Billion Deal  Bloomberg, May 25, 2015 9:51 AM  See More
POSTED ON November 20, 2013 BY Thom Calandra

THE CALANDRA REPORT: Subscribe $91 yearly SAN DIEGO — Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO in USA), a DNA vaccine developer I sidestepped for four years, is having success with a Middle Eastern virus. INO shares are raging today. Inovio’s J, Joseph Kim, via a persistent biz-dev executive, Bernie Hertel, has been on me, professionally, since 2009. Inovio… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 13, 2012 BY Tommy Humphreys

Three Mining Pros Take The Reins At Prophecy Platinum Prophecy Platinum Corp. (NKL), has scored a major talent coup by attracting a trio of credible and experienced mining executives to advance its flagship Wellgreen platinum, nickel and copper project in the Yukon Territory. We had the opportunity to sit down with new CEO Greg Johnson… Continue Reading

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