On Biomedical Beat, For Once – Inovio Pharma With A Win | Also: Prophecy Platinum



$91 yearly

SAN DIEGO — Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO in USA), a DNA vaccine developer I sidestepped for four years, is having success with a Middle Eastern virus.

INO shares are raging today.

Inovio’s J, Joseph Kim, via a persistent biz-dev executive, Bernie Hertel, has been on me, professionally, since 2009.

Inovio shares have been raging during most of that span.

This is an INO confessional. It shows why a consuming theme (natural resources) left me in a gully when it comes to making market money.

Further shame: I researched, supported and profited sixfold to eightfold from stakes in two California biomedical companies; before, that is, gold, platinum and the rest possessed me. Those biomeds were San Diego-area Illumina (ILMN in USA) and San Francisco-area Cor Therapeutics. (Not to mention, I have a nephew who is finishing his organic chemistry doctorate at Yale University; my best and longest friend is a highly regarded Boston gastroenterologist with a research, writing and clinical pedigree; more on request.)

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Prophecy Platinum $NKL – Greg Johnson Interview

Three Mining Pros Take The Reins At Prophecy Platinum
Gregory Johnson, Geologist

Prophecy Platinum Corp. (NKL), has scored a major talent coup by attracting a trio of credible and experienced mining executives to advance its flagship Wellgreen platinum, nickel and copper project in the Yukon Territory.

We had the opportunity to sit down with new CEO Greg Johnson late last week to better understand Prophecy Platinum’s evolving story (Jump to video).

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