Brexit Boosts BergDex to All-Time Highs

If the $16 trillion dollar Black Monday (August 24) meltdown, and the $2 trillion Brexit drop couldn't break down the Dow, then the 20,000 target looks better than ever. It's now less than 500 points to a breakout.

We are within $60 of our Gold 1400 target, and have fluctuated on both sides of our $50 Oil target for a couple of weeks now.

Money keeps showing up in the top Lithium juniors (NMX and LIX: $68 million) while the Silver, Copper, and Zinc stocks had a respectable month as well.

Bullionaire Canary in the Coal Mines

The first week in September will be remembered for at least two main events to the regulars at CEO.CA. September 3rd was the start of the junior lithium bull, and September 4th was the day that a short list of very rich commodity investors were announced. While it's true that gold managed to drop back to 1050 by the end of November, it still had a strong 2002 feel to it.

This is part of the "Bullionaires Buildup" piece from September 4th, 2015, I wrote about Carl Icahn's investment in FCX, which was linked back to CEO.CA and Twitter:

"Are Druckenmiller, Dalio, Soros, Rogers, And Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote thinking the same way?

In 2002, it was Buffet, Soros, Gates, plus the usual suspects like Giustra leaving Lionsgate, etc. that convinced me to get back in the junior game.

Some of the same players now, and a few new ones with an impressive amount of zeros and commas on their Forbes profile."

It would be another few weeks before Takeover Kings Giustra and Matysek began to announce their intentions. CEO.CA already had a large magnifying glass on these two by that time. Today LIX, GGS, NCA, SSP, KG, and GRM have returned a small fortune to early entrants. And it's just beginning.

First Inning Update

The month of June recorded 446 financing announcements (closed, amended, or proposed)

  • 134 proposed or amended
  • $836 million over 10 million
  • $143 million between $1 mil and $10 million
  • 62 under a million

Announcements over $50 Million

  • EDV $125 mil (Proposed)
  • ASR $350 mil (Closed)
  • DPM $50 mil (Proposed)
  • PRU $90 mil (Closed)
  • P $51.7 mil (Closed)
  • TMR $60 mil (Proposed)
  • SSL $65 mil (Proposed)
  • LUG $82.5 mil (Proposed)
  • GUY $156.8 mil (Amendment)
  • NMX $60 mil (Proposed)

Talking Our Books

Total BergDex exposure is 90% average over 25 stocks. This is usually what happens in the initial stages of a junior bull run. These are not just random picks. They have over 100 years experience between the three gentlemen, 11 discoveries, and 7 mines that went into production.

It would not surprise me to see the BergDex up over 200% per stock average by mid February.

This is how the BergDex performed for the week, starting with his 3 Globe and Mail picks from March 4:

$LIX Up 98%

$PGM 192%

$NGZ 111%

That's an average of 134% in 17 weeks to the entire Globe and Mail subscriber base.

Check out the realtime returns on Robert's other picks from his first tweet (plus 15 recent public additions) on March 24th:

$BOL Up 80% $CAP Up 125% $EAM 85% $GSH 121% $NFR 156% $NX 93% $WML 232% $WPQ Up 33%

Recent Additions

  • April 18: $XMG Up 68%

  • April 29: $MAY Down 41% $IDM Up 57%

  • May 05: $AVA Up 27% $CWM Up 175% $EMO 33%

  • May 13: $ASE Up 122% $GPY 151% $SSV 142%

  • May 25: $KNT Up 9%

  • June 1: $KWC Up 11%
  • June 9: $AMU Up 60% $AWE 100% $TYE 0%
  • July 4: $CBG (New)

March 24th stocks up average 116% over 8 picks

Recent additions are up 84% over 22 picks

Total BergDex exposure is 90% average over 25 stocks

Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc. $CBG

(adding to the BergDex as well as my portfolio)

The company is run by Jack Stoch. He is a major shareholder of Globex, which is one of the largest (diversified) property owners (140) in Quebec. Stoch owns close to 30% of CBD.

CBG has 15 properties that may be joint ventured (less dilution and funding requirements):

  • One of the largest mining camps in Canada
  • Majority of the projects are 100% owned and free of liens
  • Five former copper-gold mines
  • Two unmined historical deposits (copper/gold and zinc/gold)
  • A large iron, titanium vanadium deposit
  • A large package of prime exploration ground
  • Numerous recorded drill intersections of gold and copper
  • Many areas are drill ready

$CBG closed last month at 0.08

My personal portfolio:


The BeckDex 60 percentage gains at month end from 2014/15 Lows:

$LIX 380% $SBB 296% $IDM 238% $NXE 1082% $PTM 221% $SKE 73% $JEM 600% $HPL 300% $IDI 100% NCA 317% (Was CCY) $MCC 767% $BOL 200% $EAM 517% $CAP 800% $CRH 674% $GSH 700% $NFR 412% $NDR 286% $NGZ 375% $NX 480% $PGM 900% $WML 2667% $WPQ 220% $KES 1150% $BAR 167% $DMA 300% $MAG 100% $WKM 271% $RLG 2500% $CXO 840% $RST 550% $BAY 400% $WLF 180% $LAG 125% $GGS 2400% $GPH 46% $NEV 124% $IN 36% $TV 129% $BTH 19% $GLH 67% $KRN 252% $PE 3350% $KOR 230% $SSP 418% $RMX 233% $XMG 131% $PRS 200% $MAY 55% $AVA 460% $CWM 450% $EMO 300% $ASE 300% $GPY 1243% $SSV 1740% $KNT 25% KWC 167% $ABN 145% $AMU 220% $AWE 300% $TYE 600% $CT 2150% $CBG 167% $GFK 420%

Over 1000% Exposure

  • CT 2150%
  • GGS 2400%
  • GPY 1243%
  • KES 1150%
  • PE 3350%
  • RLG 2500%
  • SSV 1740%
  • WML 2667%

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