Interview with Frederick Bell, Managing Director of Elemental Royalties (TSX-V: ELE)

A royalty company with "good quality producing assets from day 1."

This is the latest royalty company to emerge onto the CVE. It has been trading privately for the last 3-years, and it has a portfolio of 6 royalties spanning across North America, South America, Africa and Australia. It seems to be the standard royalty story: start small, grow big.

The North American market generally values royalty companies with this conventional model highly, and Elemental Royalties' focus on precious metals is sure to add further momentum in this current gold bull run.

Bell is young and smart, but he will need to convince investors that their capital is best invested in Elemental Royalties rather than some of the other promising junior royalty companies with a precious-metals slant that are currently making waves. 

We Discuss: 

  • Company Overview
  • Listing on the TSX-V, Why not AIM?
  • The Foundation: Development of the Business Model
  • Young Entrepreneurs: Team Experience and Track Record
  • Criteria for Companies: What Does Good Look Like?
  • Financing it All: Cash Position, Amount to Raise, Structures of Financing
  • Strategic Business Structure: Reasons for Focusing on Precious Metals
  • Varied Portfolio Geographically: Where Does the Focus Lie?
  • Finding Good Deals: Any Thoughts to Go Into Development & Exploration? 

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