Interview with Craig Parry, CEO of uranium explorer, IsoEnergy (TSX-V: ISO)

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So, IsoEnergy. This is a uranium explorer a well-funded uranium explorer with a fairly impressive portfolio of uranium assets. Throughout this bear market, the uranium macro story appears to have remained impenetrable, and uranium price discovery seems inevitable. Parry gives his take on how exactly the next cycle will shape up. Can IsoEnergy time its entry into this cycle correctly, or will shareholders have to wait? Parry explains.

IsoEnergy's uranium projects are situated in the renowned, high-grade Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada. Some super high-grades. However, we have recently heard there could be major permitting barriers from James Sykes, the CEO of Baselode Energy (TSX-V: FIND). You can check that interview out here: What is your take on this issue?

In 2018, IsoEnergy announced the discovery of its flagship, high-grade pitchblende uranium deposit, the Hurricane Deposit, located on the company's Larocque East tenement. With the backing of a seasoned, experienced management team and the help of major shareholder and significant uranium player, NexGen Energy Ltd (TSX: NXE; NYSE: NXE), IsoEnergy could be a uranium investment opportunity for uranium investors to seriously consider.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Recent Raise of $10M: Convincing Story & Planned Allocation
  • Replica of NexGen: Plans, Risk Mitigation, & Timing
  • Funding it All: The Macro Fundamentals and Generalists
  • Sticking to the Knitting: Making it Interesting Without Dilution
  • Timing & Meeting the Cycle: Overambitious 5yr Plan? 

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