Interview with Waldo Perez, President & CEO of Neo Lithium (TSX-V:NLC)

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Advanced lithium brine project at PFS project and working towards Feasibility Study. A solid technical team with enough cash in the bank to get to deliver the FS. They are focused on delivering lithium carbonate into the market. The scale of demand outweighs the supply forecast, so now what?

We Discuss: 

  • Company Overview
  • Tough Lithium Market; Looking to the Future, Not Funding the Present
  • Main Barriers: Mining in Argentina & Lack of Competitive Tension
  • Infrastructure & Feasibility of Low Costs
  • Team Experience
  • Lithium Brines & Technical Challenges to Overcome
  • CATL Expectations & Deal Terms
  • Management Shareholding
  • Market Malaise: Re-Exciting Investors
  • The Future for Neo Lithium: Finding Additional Partners 

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