Did you know that Golden Ridge Resources (TSXV:GLDN) is executing on their planned drill program at the Hank property? It's essential that this program runs smoothly and allows the company to effectively gather information as these exciting "Golden Triangle" exploration companies have limited work seasons.

Don't let the seasonality of the Hank scare you away from GLDN, as they can drill at their other project, Royalle, any time of the year. Judge the value of that on the merits of the Royalle and the team, but please appreciate how these two simple projects show that GLDN is a well-desiged company ready to work hard all year round.

It's important to be thinking about January when we're busy here in August. Mr. Mike Blady, CEO of GLDN, said "... we're not going to be drilling in January at the Hank until we have a bona fide reason to do that." Now, that's the right thing to say -- but watch for that to change in a hurry. A driving reason for GLDN to drill at the Hank in winter will surely come sooner than expected or not at all.

Listen in to our interview starting around the 10-minute mark, as below, where Mike helps put the current work program in context.

As Mike said,

"By the end of the season, we will have drilled at least six holes into the Williams. I think the longest one we've completed to date is six hundred and five meters. We got some good meterage out of these Hydrocore 2000, heli-portable rigs. A Hydrocore2000 is called that because the max depth is about 2,000 feet, which is right around 600 meters. A pat on the back to the drillers for keeping the footage up per shift and being able to get down that deep with the rig. We're trying to go go as deep as we can, keep one foot in the mineralisation for the most part, and try and get as much information as we can possibly get from these holes."

It may not sound like much, but that's exactly what this mineral exploration business is all about! Keep up the good work Mike and team. Stay safe from the fires and show the market what a proper exploration season for GLDN looks like.

Find more on the company website http://goldenridgeresources.com/