Over the last few weeks there has been lots of news, research and interviews published at Palisade. 

We started last week on Palisade Radio with our interview with investment adviser and Seeking Alpha contributor Joshua Hall. Our main topics of discussion were the uranium and vanadium markets, and where those markets may be headed next.

Joshua told us that he could see uranium going higher over the near term and that the production issues associated with vanadium were only just beginning. We also discussed that the new demand for vanadium via China’s new steel rebar rules that would eventually create an upward surge in the price. 

Not only did Joshua talk about uranium and vanadium, but he also went into detail about the base metal markets too. View the entire interview here to get a detailed analysis of all these markets.

Another guest we had on Palisade Radio was a uranium veteran and someone who is generally regarded as a legend from the last uranium bull market, John Borshoff. 

We had the opportunity to talk about the 10,000% gain early investors made if they had invested in his uranium company Paladin Energy, and what similarities he sees for the new uranium bull market unfolding today. 

He also told us about his new company Deep Yellow, and his plans for it going forward.

For anyone interested in the new bull market for uranium this is a must listen interview. It is not often that there are many CEO’s or investors still active in the uranium space who witnessed first hand the last epic bull run and can predict what might happen in the future one. 

John Borshoff's deep knowledge within the uranium space is essential for what to expect over the next few years and how to position profitably. View the entire interview here.

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Moving on from Palisade Radio, we had a number of informative articles published by our editor-in-chief at Palisade Research, Adem Tumerkan. One article stands out in particular regarding the recent surge in the price of natural gas and the fall out if you happened to be betting on the wrong side of that commodity - essential reading for anyone using options as an investment strategy for now or in the future. 

View the entire article below. 

‘Blowing Up’: How This One Fund Blew Up Overnight – And What We Can Learn From It

And in case you missed it, back in October Adem started a new series of articles focusing around the themes of black swans, leverage, and building frameworks for investment success. 

The markets have a common tendency to fool most of the people most of the time, so staying one step ahead of potential dangers or declines - and understanding why they may occur - is essential for continued investment success.

Part one in Adem’s series entitled ‘Blowing up, The Minsky Moment, and A Turkey on Thanksgiving’ provided a great introduction into how a lot of money can be made when focusing on market inefficiencies. 

Adem suggested that ‘the market does sometimes value things completely wrong….so it’s important to find those times and exploit them.’ View the entire article here.

And one last piece from Adem which - as a contrarian investor - is a must read and deserves your full attention. 

Released earlier this week and entitled “The Uranium Bull Market’s Now Beginning as Global Production Plummets,” Adem gives us his analysis on how the new bull market in uranium will begin and why. 

He describes how the fundamentals are now beginning to move into a more positive direction for this hated market and - more importantly - why the underlying uranium fundamentals are finally changing for the better. 

From Adem’s analysis and research, it is clear to us that the pieces of the uranium puzzle are now starting to come together, signalling the potential for a brand new bull market. 

And in time, over the next few years, this will create major profits for all contrarians who are positioned correctly.

And if you think Adem missed predicting the most recent rally within the uranium market over the last few months, well, you’d be wrong. Back in June he wrote a piece concluding that the Uranium market was set to rally and head higher.

And we all know what happened since June.

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And finally to wrap things up - a couple of tweets that we found of value over the last couple of weeks.

Kazakhstan to produce 21,600 mt of uranium in 2018, nearly 20% below previously forecasted 


Secret to being a successful trader...


Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

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