I have been invested with RYU on some level for almost 3 years. Its been a tough and frustrating stock to hold.  How ever today I loaded up. A 52 week low was not enough to convince me. So what got me back in? One of my biggest issues was they had such mediocre influencer and connecters. Most with under 10 thousand followers. There social media game looked nice but was not getting the attention it should have. Last week they announced James Maslow as there new connector with his 3 million followers!!! Its a good start and a welcome turn around in the making. It sounds like this is just the first of a few good news stories that will be coming out in the near future. I personally have shopped at the stores an have $600 in clothing. I love the brand. It might not be the next Canadian Goose or LuLu Lemon but if its just a piece of that pie then this stock could be a X10 winner.


Three year chart