I drove The Police for their "Ghost in the Machine Tour" that hit Vancouver on August 31, 1982. Coincidentally, the "Synchronicity" tour had the band back in town on August 31, 1983. This was the band's final trip as a working unit. It was one of the highest grossing tours of the 1980s.

I spent most of my time with Sting -- a very serious, and typically quiet man. Andy Summers was different. He was engaging, talkative, and had a great sense of humour. The most memorable moment was when Andy needed something for his camera. I drove down the [restricted at the time] Granville Street Mall, to a popular camera shop, next to the Cineplex Theatre.

Only taxis, buses and pedestrians were allowed on the street. I would have none of that (the stars' safety comes first) and pulled up on the curb, as the street was too narrow for parking. After a few minutes, a policeman pulled up beside me, and before he could say anything I said: "I'm with The Police." He gave me a confused look, as Andy walked back towards the limo. Finally he recognized him and smiled back, and drove on. Andy and I had a good laugh as we drove away.

I was mostly with Sting for the rest of the trip. The band preferred the Bayshore Inn, and Sting jogged around Stanley Park every day he was in town on both trips. I finally figured out why Sting was so quiet. He saved every bit of energy for the stage, and his personality exploded when he walked out. On both trips, there was never an encounter with Stewart Copeland -- we passed like ships in the night. I learned that line from Jeff Beck, and still use it.

In a May 1984 interview with Neal Hall from the Vancouver Sun, this is what another limo driver had to say:

"Not the last time, but the time before when they played during the PNE, we had a couple of the drivers doing their laundry at the laundromat. At that time [the limo rental rate] was $35 an hour. Nice guys. Healthy. They travelled in three separate cars. A couple of them [Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers] we took to Richards on Richards after the show."

Sting may have been quiet, but at least I never had to do his laundry.

Dow 20,000 Update

The Dow closed the week at 17,897.46 and intraday, was within 400 points of an all-time high (18,312.39).

Should we be scared of this headline from Saturday?

Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

There may be a setback for a day or two, then up it goes to a new high, shocking the media. How can this be? You know how I feel from several reports earlier this month (see bottom).

Talking Our Books: 10-Bagger Update

The CEO.CA stocks have been doubling and tripling all year long. Everyone is a genius in the first inning of a junior mining bull. Lithium dominated until December, when the Golds (and the rest of the metals which usually follow) kicked in. The hot lithium money was commanding the percentage gains again last week.

Reminds me (last rock reference this week -- I promise) of the time in '68 when an unknown, Led Zeppelin (lithium) were the warmup act for Vanilla Fudge (gold). Within a year they both returned -- and you can guess (Zeppelin) who the headliner was. Incidentally, Tim Bogart (Vanilla Fudge) sat on the side of the stage close to Page and acted like his biggest fan. Not sure if the strict gold bulls feel the same way about lithium.

For you millennial rocks fans, substitute Weezer and the Foo Fighters. Yes I know gold bugs -- Weezer's No. 1 spot won't last. The big news is that we are all making money.

If you think the lithium bull is over, look at the action down under as posted by Peter Epstein at CEO.CA last week:

@EpsteinResearch 7 Aussie #lithium juniors up, on average. +1,252%. ( AJM, PLS, GXY, GMM, BGS, NMT & LIT ) up from 52-week lows

Are you hedged? Lithium has been a lot of fun since Labor Day. However one of my oil juniors is halted ($HPL) and the other one (JEM) is at a 52-week high. Betting on the jockeys as a way to pick the low-hanging fruit in the first inning is working so well, that it's almost not even fair.

One of the junior gold exploration stocks out west here, is a favourite with a few of the CEO.CA gang:

$CXO Colorado Resources

Year High 0.19

Year Low 0.05

Last 0.18

Up 3500%

- Rick Rule, Eric Coffin, and Low-ball are betting on management's 200-plus years experience in the industry.

- Rick Rule is in for 7.692 million shares:


- Promising drilling season in NW B.C.'s Golden Triangle.

If they can drill into some more visible gold (1.6 feet of 94 oz. gold per tonne in 1989) with decent widths, the market will go nuts. I'm in.

A couple of Giustra's deals: $CCY and $GGS have more than doubled as anticipated, and reported earlier.

From the "Kenny Rogers" March 27 Report:

"I added $CCY Catalyst Copper and $RST Rosita Mining late Tuesday morning to the BeckDex 40. Credit goes to a few of the usual suspects: @WorldofMining and @Tommy for CCY and @Low-Ball for RST."


Selling CCY in early 2015 due to inactivity was a mistake. Fortunately, my re-entry penalty price with Takeover Kings Warke and Giustra is looking better already.

March 21: 0.26

Last Friday: 0.55

If you missed these 2 winners, and want something with decent fundamentals, there is always Giustra's 4.1-million-ounce Guyana gold company:

$SSP Sandspring Resources

Year High 0.435 (New)

Year Low 0.11

Last 0.395

Up 259% (New)

When SSP breaks out to 0.50 on volume, $1 will follow, I think.

$LIX and $NXE had a great week. CEO.CA favourite NXE hit the anticipated target of $2.50 on Tuesday, before rising to $2.76. NXE closed the week at $2.63, and is up 1,069% from its 3-year low and 448% from a 52-week low.

LIX opened up Friday morning at $2.01, and 13 minutes into trading, I posted a $3 target on CEO.CA. It hit $2.85 before backing off to close the week at $2.53. Well structured, tirelessly travelling the globe, and a basket of lithium projects tells me this will continue higher. How high? Let's take it a dollar at a time. When (not if) it hits $3, then $4 will be the call.


The formula that has worked for decades started here on October 19 (ROY is now LIX):


The Stellar Performance of the BergDex:

The next time Robert Hirschberg is interviewed by the Globe and Mail (March 4th), he should have rock star status with these phenomenal returns.


March 03: 0.85

April 15: 2.53

Up 250%

(Up 4,217% from the 0.06 shell price, and up 1,600% from the 0.15 PP that was offered to the regulars at CEO.CA one afternoon a few months back. Approximately 30 people accepted)


March 03: 0.24

April 15: 0.395

Up 65%


March 03: 0.045
April 15: 0.16

Up 256%

That's an outstanding 190% average in 6 weeks to the entire Globe and Mail subscriber base. It's only a matter of time before BNN reaches out.

Check out the returns on Robert's other picks from his tweet on March 24th:

$BOL Up 40%, $CAP Up 25%, $EAM Up 20%, $GSH Up 26%, $NFR Up 25%, $NX Up 86%, $SXR 0%, $WML Up 148%, $WPQ Up 92%


That's an astounding 51% gain on average. If you think this is a fluke, then you better go back to last week's report on his secret weapon, whom I call Dr. 7/11 -- 11 discoveries and 7 in production:


The BeckDex 50

14 New 52-week highs:


The List:


- If a shell had a change of business, only the opening price low is used.

- Two-year lows are used (majority bottomed in 2105)

The list is broken down into 3 categories: Under .25, Under .50, and Over .50

UNDER .25:

$CXO Colorado Resources
Year High 0.19
Year Low 0.05
Last 0.18
Up 3500%

$GGS Golden Secret Ventures
Year High 0.45 (New)

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.38

Up 1800%

$RLG West Red Lake Gold Mines

Year High 0.21

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.14

Up 1300%

$JEM Jagercor Energy

Year High 0.07

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.065

Up 550%

$MCC Magor Corporation

Year High 0.315

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.08

Up 433%

$KES Kessulrun Resources

Year High 0.11 (New)
Year Low 0.02

Last 0.105

Up 425%

$NX Noka Resources

Year High 0.26

Year Low 0.025

Last 0.013

Up 420%

$HPL Horizon Petroleum

Year High 0.13

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.05

Up 400%

$CAP Castle Peak

Year High 0.025

Year Low 0.005

Last 0.025

Up 400%

$DMA DiaMedica

Year High 0.25
2014 Low 0.035

Last 0.17

Up 386%

$WPQ WPC Resources

Year High 0.115 (New)

Year Low 0.025

Last 0.115 (New)

Up 360% (New)

$HRT Harte Gold

Year High 0.345

Year Low 0.045

Last 0.195

Up 333%

$NGZ NRG Metals

Year High 0.175 (New)

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.16 (New)

Up 300% (New)

$GSH Golden Share Mining

Year High 0.12 (New)

Year Low 0.03

Last 0.012 (New)

Up 300% (New)

$RST Rosita Mining

Year High 0.10

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.04

Up 300%

$SXR SGX Resources

Year High 0.025

Year Low 0.005

Last 0.02

Up 300%

$EAM East Africa Metals

Year High 0.12

Year Low 0.03

Last 0.12

Up 300%

$RMX Rubicon Minerals

Year High 1.485

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.06

Up 300%

$IDI Indico Resources

Year High 0.16

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.07.5

Up 275%

$MSD Moseda Technologies

Year High 0.365

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.22

Up 238%

$WKM West Kirkland Mining

Year High 0.12 (New)

Year Low 0.035

Last 0.115 (New)

Up 229% (New)

$PRS.H Prism Resources

Year High 0.11

Year Low 0.04
Last 0.11

Up 175%

$WLF Wolfden Resources

Year High 0.21
2014 Low 0.045

Last 0.105

Up 133%

$NFR Northern Freegold
Year High 0.115 (New)

Year Low 0.04
Last 0.10
Up 125%

$GPH Graphite One Resources

Year High 0.145

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.125

Up 92%

$BOL Bold Ventures

Year High 0.055

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.035

Up 133%

$IDM IDM Mining
Year High 0.115

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.105

Up 61%

$LAG Laguna Blends

Year High 0.40
Year Low 0.08

Last 0.12

Up 50%

$SKE Skeena Resources

Year High 0.125

Year Low 0.055

Last 0.08

Up 45%

$IN InMed Pharmaceuticals

Year High 0.405

Year Low 0.10

Last 0.12
Up 20%


Year High 0.275

Year Low 0.05

Last 0.055

Up 10%

UNDER .50:

$PGM Pure Gold Mining

Year High 0.43

Year Low 0.07

Last 0.395

Up 464%

$CCY Catalyst Copper

Year High 0.55 (New)

Year Low 0.10

Last 0.55 (New)

Up 450% (New)

$SSP Sandspring Resources

Year High 0.435 (New)

Year Low 0.11

Last 0.395

Up 259% (New)

$BAY Aston Bay Holdings

Year High 0.32

Year Low 0.08
Last 0.265

Up 231%

$NEV Nevada Sunrise Gold

Year High 0.38

Year Low 0.125
Last 0.28

Up 124%

$TV Trevali Mining

Year High 1.24

Year Low 0.245

Last 0.405

Up 65%

$GLH Golden Leaf Holdings

Year High 1.40
Year Low 0.365 (New)

Last 0.36.5

Up 0%

OVER .50:

$WML Wealth Minerals

Year High 0.67 (New)

2014 Low 0.03
Last 0.67 (New)

Up 2133% (New)

$LIX Lithium X Energy

Year High 2.85 (New)

Year Low 0.35

Last 2.53 (New)

Up 623% (New)

$NXE NexGen Energy

Year High 2.76 (New)

2015 Low 0.40

Last 2.63 (New)

Up 585% (New)

$CRH CRH Medical

Year High 5.50

2014 Low 0.65

Last 4.22

Up 549%

$KRN Karnalyte Resources

Year High 4.15

Year Low 0.52

Last 2.34

Up 350%

$PE Pure Energy

Year High 1.03
Year Low 0.18

Last 0.85

Up 372%

$LTE Lite Access Technologies

Year High 1.80

Year Low 0.39

Last 1.57

Up 303%

$SBB Sabina Gold & Silver
Year High 1.06

Year Low 0.30

Last 1.03

Up 243%

$KOR Corvus Gold

Year High 0.86 (New)
Year Low 0.33

Last 0.85

Up 158%

$PTM Platinum Group Metals

Year High 7.40

Year Low 1.35

Last 3.45

Up 156%

$MAG Mag Silver

Year High 13.98 (New)

Year Low 6.90

Last 13.92 (New)

Up 102%

$BAR Balmoral Resources

Year High 1.22

Year Low 0.33

Last 0.52

Up 58%

$BTH Breathtec BioMedical

Year High 0.55

Year Low 0.37

Last 0.54

Up 46%

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