When I look around the junior mining space I see tons of 10-20 Million CAD market cap companies that have a property that is prospective on the basis of some historical sample data, but that has never had any drilling and certainly does not have a proven deposit deliniated therein.  Take a look at FPX Nickel on the venture.  16 million dollar cap and they have already drilled out a resource that is enormous and that makes it the second largest undeveloped nickel depsoit in the world, right in north central BC, in the same area that BC's nost recent mines have been located.  The NPV of about 550 million after tax has huge upside potential based on recent drilling, a new mine plan, and several value enhancing changes they can make to the assumptions underlying their next PEA.  All the enhancements are set out in their corp presentation.  In my opinion they are going to be able to extend the current 24 year mine life big time.   Not to mention that just a few km north of their deposit they have outlined what could be another behemoth nickel endowment that has the potential to turn this area of BC into a mining district, not just a mine.   Extremely disciplined management with tons of skin in the game with an impressive board of directors.  If you like to specualte in baby mining stocks, this one has the valuation of an exploration play but they already have a huge and valuable deposit that appears to only be getting more valuable.   If you think Nickel is in a bull market then you should probably take a serious look at FPX.  Disclosure: I am long as hell this stock