Conversation with Mark Kenwright, Associate Director of Wardell Armstrong - International Mining Consultants on how to due diligence a junior mining company.

Around 70% of public mining companies are destined for failure. It's an alarming figure, one that emphasises the need to carry out extensive, sensible due diligence. How certain are you that you pick the right company?

That's where Wardell Armstrong comes in. The English consultancy firm produces all manner of reports for mining companies and investors alike. We run through the most important things that investors need to pay attention to when assessing a mining company for potential investment, the impact of COVID-19 on the mining space, and some general investment advice that should stand you in good stead.

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  • Overview of Wardell Armstrong and What They Do
  • COVID-19's Impact on Business: How are They Continuing to Work with Clients When They Can't Visit the Projects?
  • Different Type of Reporting per Country: What are the Differences?
  • "People Get it Wrong": Areas to Investigate Before Investing
  • 70% of All Projects Will Fail: Mining Company Horror Stories
  • Follow Good People for Better Investments: Who Represents Your Investment Values?

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