Interview with David O'Connor, Chief Geologist, & John Miniotis, CEO of AbraPlata Resource Corp. (TSX-V:ABRA)

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So what's it like to do business in Argentina at the moment? Salta Province is one of the best areas. They are chasing Gold-Silver having acquired the project in 2016 from SSR. Results recently have been good and they plan to continue to drill into 2021 to finish a 13,000m programme to demonstrate the scale of the opportunity. With that, they hope to deliver a PEA. The management team have been there just over a year and have changed the focus and emphasis having raised the capital required to prove the potential with a small drill programme at the beginning of the year. This was enough to get Eric Sprott interested in not one, but 2 fundraises. As an exploration team, with $25M, they feel they can deliver an interesting story and then have conversations with partners. There are 3 other targets in the portfolio which have potential but the Diablillos project is well-advanced, with more than US$35 million spent historically.

We Discuss:

1:19 - Company Overview

3:04 - History of AbraPlata: What Changed in 2019?

7:06 - The Diablillos Project & Data Inherited

8:39 - No Mistakes Allowed: Debates on Allocating $2M

10:55 - Copper Found: What are the Possibilities?

12:20 - Relationship with E.Sprott: What Does He See in AbraPlata?

15:42 - Business Plan & Decisions to Make: Why the Rush?

24:31 - 3 Other Assets, What's the Plan for Those?

26:53 - Mining in Argentina

29:05 - Management Shareholding

30:57 - Why Choose AbraPlata Over Other Silver/Gold Companies?

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