Interview with Paul Cronin, CEO of Adriatic Metals (ASX: ADT)

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ADT has released a summary of its PFS report. On the surface of it the numbers support the findings of the PEA. The company says it may report some more detail in the coming weeks in its various marketing presentations and releases. We question the barite contribution and costs, and also the full value commodity prices used in the PFS. And Cronin explains why the copper concentrate plans have changed since PEA.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • PFS Summary, Where's the Full Document?
  • Baryte VS Metals: Market Concerns & Potential to Overproduce
  • Aggressive Forward Pricing & Effects on Financing
  • More Details from the PFS; No Separation of Copper from Concentrate
  • Polymetalic Companies and Forward View Construction
  • PEA VS PFS, Not Much Has Changed?
  • Mining in Bosnia & Herzegovina: Relationships & Support
  • Tethyan Resource Corp. Fully On Board?
  • EBRD Announcement
  • What's Coming Next from Adriatic Metals? 

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