Uranium Market Commentator & Bannerman Resources (ASX:BMN) CEO, Brandon Munro gives us an exclusive run through on the World Nuclear Association (WNA) Nuclear Fuel Report - Extended Summary - find it here.

This is the first document of its kind by the WNA. The summary lays out the nuclear fuel cycle and macro thesis for the need for nuclear (and why uranium investors should feel comfortable), in easy to understand format and language. And most appealing is the plethora of charts, tables and diagrams to make the numbers easy to access and extrapolate. 

As ever, Munro masterfully breaks it down so that we can appreciate the moving parts and why the Extended Summary has been put together like it has. Munro was also co-Chair of the Demand Side Sub Group and contributor to the Fuel Report and Summary. 

Interview highlights:

  • WNA Report: What is it and What's its Purpose?
  • WNA Expanded Summary: A Long-Time-Coming Tool For Investors
  • Giving Nuclear Energy a Voice: Conservative Promotion Based on Past Experience
  • Recent Events' Impact on the Nuclear Space: Time for the WNA to Step Up?
  • One Tool for Many Users: Who is The Target Audience?
  • Can This Report Hold an Impartial and Balanced View on the Space?
  • Hope For Harmony: Lack of Investment Needed for Nuclear to Shine

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