Interview with David Reeves, MD of Calidus Resources (ASX: CAI)

This experienced team of mine builders is planning an accelerated time frame for plant build, which means that Calidus is aiming to be in production by YE/21. Hitting the cycle right? Reeves is succinct and to the point in most regards and is tight-lipped about how they are progressing with regard to the timing and costs of financing. That may well be a moment which the marker takes note.

We Discuss:  

  • Market VS Company: Reasons for Doubling of the Share Price
  • Company Overview
  • Short-cutting the Process: Update on Progress
  • Cost of Money: Raises, Debt, & Market Reaction
  • Red Flags & Potential Issues to Overcome
  • Ramp Up & Growth; Production Levels & Aims
  • Acquisition of Blue Spec: Reasoning & Plans. More M&A to Come?
  • Re-Rate Potential; Why Should Investors Consider Calidus?
  • Alkane Resources: Importance of Relationship 

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