Interview with David Morgan, Founder of The Morgan Report.

In the battle of the common investors vs the banks, it's clear which side David Morgan is on. He has written a free newsletter for over 20-years called the Morgan Report, in addition to providing stock picks via a subscription service.

This is a bleak, honest journey through the political and economic issues we are facing today in the wake of COVID-19 given our current system. We talk about quantitative easing, the future of globalism, potential new forms of cashless currency, and what could be done to fix the world's problems. Maybe a morally superior form of AI will have to solve things... It's a compelling watch, and we're delighted Morgan could share his insights with us. Make sure you check out his website.

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Interview highlights:

  • David Morgan’s Background
  • The Essence Of ‘The Morgan Report’
  • Morgan’s Thoughts On Modern Generation Newsletters
  • Economic Reality VS Market Manipulation: What’s Happening In The US?
  • "Imminent Global Crisis": Potential Results of the US Election
  • Unrest in the US: How Can Long-Standing Issues Be Resolved?

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