Interview with Taj Singh, President & CEO of silver-developer, Discovery Metals (TSX-V: DSV).

Discovery Metals: a Mexican silver developer that is part of Oxygen Capital Corporation. Sprott is the largest shareholder with c. 24% of the company.

The company has reinterpreted an asset that had been designated an uneconomic bulk-tonnage operation by the previous owner because of the depressed silver price. However, by focussing on a high-grade silver drill core and a phased drill programme that includes a silver resource by this time next year, the share price has been on the rise to a record high. The project, Cordero, is one of the largest development-stage silver projects in the world.

The silver player is fully-financed through to production with $40M in the bank. Let's see if Singh can hit his deliverables.

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  • Company Overview
  • Unraveling the Business Plan: Possibilities Inside of an Unwanted Asset
  • Time for Monetisation: What Should Investors be Expecting?
  • Team Experience and Remuneration
  • Spending the $40M: Focus on Drilling, But Which Sort?
  • COVID-19's Impact on Discovery Metals
  • Eric Sprott's Involvement: How Much Impact Does He Have on the Decisions Made in the Company?
  • Working with the Oxygen Group and Their Involvement with the Project
  • Gold-Silver Ratio: Manoeuvring the Silver Market and Volatile Price
  • Time to Make Some Money Again: End Game and Strategies Considered

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