Dustin Garrow, former Paladin Director and industry advisor to Uranium companies, Uranium ETFs and Uranium Funds was involved in writing the WNA Nuclear Fuel report. A lot of investors on social media are seeing the findings of the report as a signal for a recovery in the Uranium price. We ask Dustin Garrow if this a realistic assumption.

Analysts says production needs to be at higher price. This report says 'yes there needs to be more investment in the fuel cycle and particularly Uranium'. So everyone is saying the same thing. The Demand forecast is marginally positive. Dustin tell us some of the factors for altering the data from companies to show a more realistic outlook.

Will some of the junior Uranium companies fall off the cliff if the price discovery takes longer than hoped? How will their strategies need to change?

Certainty is still not here, but the mood is more positive. Dustin Garrow saw 10-12 investment groups during WNA, which is more than have attended for many years. Not a lot of the US utilities were in attendance however. He talks about conversations with generalist investors. And also an update about the 90 Day Working Group.

The report has previously had a reputation of being vague. But a lot of hard work has gone in to making it a little bit more commercial. But it still avoids talking about the economics! It doesn't talk price. But it does now discuss long-term contracts and term market.

Interview highlights:

  • WNA Expectations
  • WNA Fuel Report: What Will it Do For The Market?
  • Current Mood in The Market: When Will Price Discovery Happen?
  • Struggles of Raising Funds in The Junior Space
  • Investment Hacks: What Should You Look Out For Before Investing?
  • Buying Physical Uranium: What Should You Know?

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