Dustin Garrow is an expert on all things uranium. Still heavily involved in advising uranium company Boards, he has been in the Uranium space for +40-years and worked in all aspects of it. He draws parallels in the inner workings of how successful companies are built, and how they fail. It was a pleasure to hear his thoughts on the latest technical and commercial events within the uranium space. The uranium market is finally looking up, and uranium mining companies are gearing up to make important moves. Uranium speculators need to keep their eyes peeled because things are starting to heat up in the uranium sector.

A must watch for uranium investors and generalists alike!

Interview highlights:

  • Nuclear Fuel Working Group Conversation – All chat, no numbers?
  • When is Cameco reopening?
  • COVID-19’s effect on Kazatomprom
  • The Death of Carry Trading
  • Importance of Jurisdiction in Today's Market
  • Euratom Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Availability – What’s The Takeaway?
  • How Many Millions of Uranium pounds are Missing in The Market?
  • Garrow's Take on the EIA Uranium Marketing Annual Report
  • What does The Refuelling Mean for Uranium Producers?
  • Energy Fuels Moving into Rare Earths: Importance of the Decision
  • Peninsula Energy's A$40M Raise: Opinions on Raising Large Sums in Current Market
  • Is the Uranium Market Excited Again? How Long Will It Last?
  • Winners vs Losers: Making Better Uranium Investments
  • The Difficulty of Short Term Loans in the Market

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