Interview with Stephen Roman, Chairman, President & CEO of Global Atomic Corp. (TSE: GLO)

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Global Atomic is a Canadian resource company advancing the large, high-grade Dasa uranium deposit in the Republic of Niger. In addition, Global Atomic benefits from the dividend stream generated by its share in the Befesa Silver-met zinc concentrate production facility in Turkey.

We Discuss:

1:07 - 2020 Review & Big Moments for Global Atomic

3:09 - Moving Forward: Plans, Process, & Timing

7:17 - Befesa Silvermet Zinc: Valuation, Upside, & Scaling Up

15:16 - The Uranium Market: Timing, Contracts, Price, & Funding

18:43 - Who Controls the Mill: Negotiating Terms

19:51 - Sentiment Changing for Uranium in the US

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