Interview with Bradley Langille, President & CEO of GoGold Resources (TSX: GGD)

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Forget the flashy headline of high-grades where companies are chasing veins, especially when it's less than 1m wide (because of dilution). You need to be looking at the of the ore body and the average grades. 60% of the value of this project is in Silver, the rest in Gold. The latest GoGold press releases suggest the economics of this project should be very good. With 6 drills turning, and soon to be 8 drills, expect to see many drill results coming over the next 6 months.

Peer analysis suggests this is one of the top Silver stories out there. The volume of metal per ton is hard to ignore. Open pittable, bulk tonnage with a lot of very high-grade veins too.

We Discuss:

0:56 - Press Release: Analyzing the Drill Program in Los Ricos North

8:05 - Plans Going Forward: Timing & Expectations

10:20 - Eyes on GoGold & Exit Plan Options

12:01 - Understanding Silver Equivalent VS kg/ton

13:35 - Comparisons to Other Silver Companies

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