Interview with Clint Sharples, President & CEO of Heritage Cannabis (CSE:CANN)

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An Integrated Cannabis company who doesn't grow their own. We discuss their business model and the timing of the market. Sharples has structured the business by bringing on subsidiary partners and other partners. Focus is on 2 extraction companies who make products too. The company is also focused on the Canadian market but is keeping the option of expanding into the US & International markets. He tries to understand the revenue opportunities as laid out by the company.

Sharples is a pragmatic individual who is cautious and honest about where they sit in the market currently. We look at what is possible with the cash available to them. Currently, they are at C$66M, having been as high (sic) as C$300M. He assesses the highs and the lows and tells us what it is going to take to build this business back up again.

We Discuss:

1:28 - Company Overview

3:21 - The Mindset: Corporate Structure & Business Model

6:38 - Approaches to Cannabis: Getting Most Value for Money

12:42 - Making Money: Technology, Quality, & Differentiation

18:23 - Revenue & Margins for 2020 & Expectations for 2021

19:40 - Uniting Different Groups & Growing a New Industry

25:40 - Oh Canada! Competition & Potential to Make an Impact

28:48 - Them VS Others: Timeline for Deliverables

31:58 - Contracts Outside of Canada

33:37 - The Future for Cannabis: How Can Retail Protect Themselves?

37:21 - Management Shareholding, Remuneration, & G&A

41:33 - Goals for 2021 & Expected Net Profit

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