Interview with Howard Klein, Lithium market commentator and Founder & Partner of RK Equity Advisors, Writer of Lithium-ion Bull and Host of Lithium-ion Rocks!

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This is a man who provides a really actionable analysis of the lithium market with technical detail. We were glad to get him back on the show to discuss the latest happenings in the space.

The big focus today is on 'market sentiment'; it can make or break a company, and in recent years, sentiment around lithium as a whole has been negative courtesy of oversupply and consequent depressed prices. COVID-19 was another short-term kick in the teeth to the lithium demand story, with EV consumption taking a hit whilst global economies attempt to recover. However, on the supply side of things, a lack of investment into new lithium projects, combined with impaired lithium production across the globe, is emphasising the supply-demand deficit and heating things up nicely. The long-term picture for lithium demand also looks very rosy, with EV penetration set to be 25% by 2030.

On the subject of the main lithium players, the Q2/20 financial results came out a few weeks ago, and Klein was eager to deconstruct them into meaningful information for lithium investors. As just mentioned, capital for new lithium projects comes at a substantial premium, so Klein helped us understand the terms of some of the few recent financings to take place in the lithium sphere.

We also cover lithium clays and DLE: direct lithium extraction. Could these new technologies also apply to brine extraction? Is lithium production about to get a whole lot more economic? Are lithium mining companies going to grow their margins?

We Discuss:

  • General Sentiments on Lithium: Does Anyone Care?
  • Lithium Hydroxide Companies: Ignore the Rest?
  • Getting Financed: Options for Lithium Companies
  • The Mysteries of Lithium Clay: Which Companies Can Solve it?
  • DLE: What is That?
  • Navigating the Market as an Investor: What to Look for? 

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