Interview with Bryce Crocker, CEO of Jervois Mining (ASX: JRV)

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Big company mentality is sometimes the death knell of a junior, but not in this case. Crocker is camped out in Washington DC and banging on doors to ensure that the people who need to know, are aware of the Jervois Mining and its Idaho ICO Cobalt project.

Its been a journey of discovery for Crocker, who came in the junior space from Glencore. Their Nico Young Project is a large Nickel play and the Kilembe Cobalt project are both solid projects but for a larger company. Crocker has parked them up to return when the ICO Cobalt project in Idaho is cash flowing it seems. Not bad logic. Add to that the acquisition of the SMP refinery in Brazil, and you start to see what Crocker is envisaging. Sometimes big company mentality can't be ignored.

We Discuss:

  • Cobalt: A Critical Mineral in the US
  • Company Overview
  • Development of the Business Plan; Importance of Idaho Cobalt Op.
  • ICO & SMP; Delivering "Industrial Logic"
  • Tradition VS Innovation: New Thinking & Economics
  • Plans for Nickel
  • The Cobalt Market: Supply & Demand Outside of Tesla
  • US Critical Minerals List: How are They to Help Companies?
  • ICO DFS Numbers in an Opaque Market: $25 is Not Always $25
  • Growth & Future Plans; What's Next?

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