Interview with Farhad Abasov, CEO of Lithium Developer, Millennial Lithium (TSX-V: ML)

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Abasov is in confident mood as he updates us on their pilot plant, funding and conversations with 2 technical partners for the build of the main processing plant. Investors seem to be attracted to the low-cost brine project in Argentina due to the advanced stage. The technical team at Millennial Lithium has been busy.

We Discuss:

1:40 - Company Overview

3:12 - Commission of a Pilot Plant: Why & at What Cost?

6:19 - Money Allocation & Financing the Processing Plant

9:04 - Not Just a Raise: Potential Partnerships & Timing

17:35 - Why Millennial Lithium? Brine VS Hard Rock & Technical Considerations

22:39 - Why Don't The Groups Buy at Spot Price?

23:47 - State of the Lithium Market: Still too Early to Jump on Board?

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