Interview with Doug Ramshaw, President of Gold developer, Minera Alamos Inc. (TSX-V: MAI)

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Profitable Mexican gold developer using low-cost heap leach on low-grade ore to generate profit. They've done it before at Castle Gold. This is a smart management team (Doug Ramshaw and Darren Koningen) who focused on getting to first gold pour in 2021. We talk through their strategy to get Santana, and new asset, Cerro De Oro into production. Their 3rd asset La Fortuna has a slightly different profile and will be brought into production later. We like the low-cost approach (buying 2nd hand mill from the US; using heap leach; low G&A; realistic M&A). They have a Resource which they can talk to the market about. And for anyone who remembers Chester Miller and his approach to spending, this is right up your street.

We Discuss:

1:18 - Company Overview

2:17 - Developer to Producer: Influence of Chester Miller

7:13 - A Change of Focus: Data on Santana & Cerro de Oro

12:51 - The Heap Leach Process

15:31 - Buy the Mystery, Sell the History: Understanding the Approach

22:52 - Expectations & Concerns of Institutional Investors

26:22 - Cost: Why is the CapEx so Low?

28:18 - Recovering Gold: Production & Shipment of Loaded Carbon

30:28 - Timeline for Growth: What's Next?

33:19 - Cash Position & Burn Rate

34:28 - Views for the Market in 2021

35:59 - Renting Mexico's Police Force for Mines

38:09 - Relationship & Discussions with Osisko

40:50 - Special Announcement

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