Interview with William Dawes, CEO of Mkango Resources (TSX-V, LSE, AIM: MKA).

Every wondered what a light rare earth or a heavy rare earth is? Most retail investors don't. We speak to Mkango to find out and also ask how they intend to make money for shareholders. Linking the story to the EV revolution isn't enough. 

Mkango has a relationship with Talaxis at a project level. Talaxis has recently invested £12M in to the Songwe Hill project in Malawi. A strategic partner to help finance the project is smart but also the Talaxis reach and distribution in to the niche rare earths market really enables Mkango. Mkango positioning itself as an incubator allows us to understand how they could grow their business, but for now they intend to focus on their current portfolio.

We ask how much of their valuation is their own doing and how much is the recent rise in commodity prices. We discuss metallurgy and recovery rates. William Dawes also talks about the infrastructure and why they will be focussing on processing more in country to capture more of the downstream margin. We are interested in who is paying for the various infrastructure costs, especially energy.

We ask if they understand how to talk to investors, and can they deliver the upside for shareholder in Mkango or will Talaxis see all the upside. G&A is covered under the Talaxis deal. Looking forward to their DFS in Q4 2020 and they are getting environmental and social studies done. 

Interview Highlights:

  • Overview of the Business
  • What are Rare Earths?
  • Company Strategy and Model: How is Their Partnership with Telaxis Benefiting the Company?
  • EV Revolution: How is Mkango Placed in That Story?
  • Does the Market Understand Rare Earths & the EV Revolution?
  • Jurisdiction and Infrastructure
  • Share Price Appreciation: How Are They Making Investors Money & Why Should They Care About Mkango?
  • What's Next for the Company?
  • Cash Position
  • PFS Timings

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