Interview with Wayne Heili, CEO of Peninsula Energy (ASX: PEN)

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In-Situ Recovery (ISR) accounts for 50% of global production of uranium and is a very low-cost environmentally friendly way to mine uranium. Peninsula CEO wayne Heli joins us to explain how they hope to be producing up to 3Mlbs pa of uranium from their Lance project in Wyoming. Whoever wins the US Election does not affect uranium projections.

We spoke with Heili previously where we discuss the companies finances, low Ph chemistry and history. Worth a watch. It's clear that Heili is an astute and very experienced uranium CEO who knows what he needs to do.

They can get back in production for just $6M in just 6-months. They have 53Mlbs of JORC compliant Resource and new well-fields take 6 to 9-months to start producing. There is nothing like it in North America. Perhaps much underestimated.

We Discuss:

  • Update from the USA: Elections & COVID-19
  • Company Overview
  • Looking at ISR: Comparables, Costs & Scale
  • Future Potential to Scale Up: Money & Licenses Needed
  • Funding & Expenditure; The Value of Contracts
  • The Market: Opinions of Cameco's Earnings Call
  • Avoiding Hyper-promotion: What to Keep in Mind Before Investing

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