Interview with Stephen Stewart, CEO of QC Copper & Gold Inc. (TSX-V:QCCU)

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The demand for copper is increasing. The 'old ladies' aren't producing how they used to. We need new supply says Stewart. Stewart is a company builder and never one to shy away from picking up projects with a bit of hair on them. They have changed the name of the company, repositioned the company and want to let the market know what they are doing.

We Discuss:

  • Ore Group: Overview, Representation, & Structure
  • From Gold to Copper: A Macro View
  • Managing Multiple Companies; Time & Focus
  • Rename to Restart: Possibilities for an Economic Mine
  • Blue Sky for Investors: More than a Small Company?
  • Financing & Growth: Potential Challenges
  • Cost of Money & Outlook for Copper

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