Interview with Jorge Ramiro Monroy, CEO of Reyna Silver (TSX-V:RSLV)

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Chasing high-grade silver in Mexico, just ask MAG SIlver. That's what Monroy did. And for good measure he asked MAG Silver founder Peter Megaw to help with the exploration planning. Reyna Silver now has a portfolio of Silver assets. The idea is to fund and develop their flagship asset GuiGui and to find partners to advance their other 5 projects. Low-cost and frugal company build. Interesting.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Relationship with MAG Silver: History & Development
  • MAG Silver Selling Down Shares, Why?
  • Cash In & Out; A Shareholder Breakdown
  • Optionality in 7 Assets: Business Plan & Strategy
  • Definitions of Success: A Look at Guigui Project
  • Market Will Decide the Path Onwards: Expectations for Silver

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