Interview with Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott US Holdings

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Rick Rule joins us to talk about the music he likes (yes music!), answers questions from the crowd, investing strategies, US elections, CBDC and investing cycles.

We Discuss:

1:10 - US Election: Decisions & End Game

4:54 - Desert Island Discs, Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture.

7:40 - Q&A: Do I Need a Mentor to Succeed in Investing?

10:24 - Aretha Franklin: Songs Of Faith. A Fight for Equality

16:25 - Q&A: How Will Never-Ending Tragedies Affect Gold & Silver?

21:46 - Q&A: Methods for Timing the Copper Boom

25:43 - The Mississippi Mass Choir. Humility a Sign of Successful Leadership?

30:40 - Power of Money & Success to Change People for the Worst

34:01 - Q&A: Stock Ranking System & Analysis of Thought Patterns

39:08 - For Investors: Ask Good Questions, Be Willing to Accept Answers

49:02 - Q&A: Less Than $10.000 to Invest, What's the Best Course of Action?

51:38 - James Brown Performs at Boston Gardens. Mastery of Chaos

58:22 - Q&A: Bitcoin, Gold, & Other Markets Affected by Macro Events

1:03:11 - Q&A: Is Predicting Cycles Harder Than Before?

1:06:32 - Elmore James: The Sky is Crying

1:08:14 - Book & Luxury Item to Take to the Desert Island

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