Interview with Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings.

We go back to where it all started, and ask about what he wanted to be when he grew up. Rule talks to us about his personal and business philosophy.

We look at the end game and legacy. As Sprott's largest shareholder, what is he trying to build. And can they be considered an 800lbs gorilla yet? What does it take to move market and sentiment?

Can a company like Sprott, which has availability to cash and investors who follow their investments, afford to be less selective with the investment choices? Why does he spend so much time on marketing? We look at the different revenue and income streams and discuss perhaps why somer investors aren't equipped to invest. Rule's answer may surprise you.

Everyone has a different business model and will therefore have different outcomes even if they follow the same strategy. But we look at the importance of actually having a strategy. So how do the target investments? What about distressed companies? Who is in the driving seat.

What are the options available to retail investors. And how important are they at different times in the companies life cycle and different market conditions. And where do brokers fit in to the mix? Is the landscape changing?

And finally what does the most recent bout of QE do for the global economy and the US?

Interview highlights:

  • Background of Rick Rule & Sprott
  • Rick's Childhood and Influences
  • All About Sprott: On End Game, Competition, Power to Turn Markets and More
  • Retail, High Net-Worths and Family Office Investors; Are They Equipped to Make Good Investment Decisions?
  • Discussing Their Portfolio Approach, Business Model, and Uranium Holdings & Market Situation
  • Confirmation Bias: Buying Behaviours Should Revolve Around a Strategy
  • Approaches to Companies With(out) a Business Plan
  • Success Follows Success: Precision of Investment and Peoples' Belief in Sprott
  • Establishing Trust: Types of Deals Approved by Mr. Rule
  • Broker Relationships and Working Together
  • ETF Fund Management
  • Opinions on Naked Shorting, Ill Fates for Juniors, and the US Quantitative Easing Program

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