Stay ahead of the pack by listening to this conversation with Rodney Hooper, Research and Corporate Advisor and Co-Host of "Lithium-ionRocks!" Podcast

This is quite an entry-level interview that covers the basics of the lithium space and lithium investment tenets. However, it also serves as a useful reminder to established lithium investors about what they should be focussed on. It is easy to get side-tracked when investing in mining, so what components of lithium should you be focused on? We get a few clues in this conversation.

Rodney Hooper works for a consultancy firm called RK Equity. The company focussed on lithium and other battery metals with an outlook towards the exciting future growth opportunity created by the EV revolution.

Hooper chimes in on the popular debate regarding the pros and cons of lithium brine, clay, hard-rock, hydroxides, carbonates and spodumene. That is the technical side of lithium covered. Then, we move into the commercial side of lithium investment. What sort of lithium companies should investors be looking to throw their money at?

We take a good look at the fundamentals of successful lithium explorers, developers and producers. Which partnerships are key for lithium players? How can lithium players capitalise in the current depressed marketplace?

We Discuss: 

  • Coping with COVID-19: Bans and Society
  • Rodney's Background
  • Back to Basics: In-Depth Look at Lithium
  • Size of Market and Implications for Growth
  • Know What Good Looks Like: Criteria for Success
  • Cost Structures for Different Types of Lithium
  • Do Your Homework: Where Does Value Lie?
  • Misunderstood Clay: Young Tech and Possibilities
  • Nickel's Role in the EV Thematic 

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