A conversation with Ross Beaty, Mining Investor and Entrepreneur.

Which entrepreneur wouldn't want to replicate Ross Beaty's business success? It wasn't always so easy for the young Beaty, who tells us about the mistakes and lessons learnt. Beaty makes time to talk us and shares some of his thoughts on a variety of topics outside of mining too. We start with his childhood and early years. What three things are important to him? What shaped his thinking and drove him into mining? We talk about his management style today and what he looks for in manager of his projects.

And let's be honest, if he puts his name to a project it has more chance of success than most as he can bring money to the table. He appreciates that but there is still a lot to do to be able to build a globally significant mines. But you have to like risk.

So when is he going to retire and what's is he going to do? And what is his take on Named Shorting?

Interview highlights:

  • Making of A Businessman: Ross Beaty's History, Childhood and Influences
  • Lessons to Learn From: Traits for Success
  • The Beaty Bandwagon: Opinions on Investment Followers
  • Doing it All Again: Different World, Same Strategy
  • Money Makes the World Go Round: Funding Potential
  • Business Isn't for Everyone
  • Equinox Gold: Bringing the Team Together and End Goal
  • Plans for Lumina Gold
  • A Look at Pan American Silver
  • TSX & TSX-V Quirks: Should You Delve into the Detail?
  • Ratio Between Gold & Silver: Possibilities for Silver
  • Economical Nationalism and Its Effect on Commodities

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