Interview with Nick Appleyard, President & CEO of TriStar Gold (TSX-V: TSG)

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An update from Appleyard as they deploy drills to the site. We are excited to learn how the AI component has allowed them to identify targets. Tristar will have 3 drills running to deliver 12,000m before end of the year.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Progress Report: Drilling & Raising Money
  • AI in Mining: Expectations, Planning & Finding Balance
  • Mining in Brazil; An Update on COVID-19 Restrictions
  • Catch that Low-Hanging Fruit: Accelerating Drilling?
  • Innovation in Mining: Time for Change
  • Timeline for Results & Regularity of Newsflow
  • Mitigating Single-Asset Risks: M&A Possibilities
  • Take-Out Target Potential: Approaches to Drilling 

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